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Rotary Regent

A premium sports timepiece collection optimised for precision and performance. Regent echoes Rotary's innovative watchmaking past and is on track to becoming an iconic family within the Rotary Watches core range.

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  • Rotary Regent Automatic Watch - GS05459/04G

    £479.00 £432.00

  • Rotary Regent Automatic Watch - GS05459/04R

    £479.00 £432.00

  • Rotary Regent Automatic Watch - GS05459/04Y

    £479.00 £432.00

  • Rotary Regent Automatic Gents Watch - GS05455/04


  • Rotary Regent Chronograph Watch - GB05450/05


  • Rotary Regent Chronograph Watch - GB05450/59


  • Rotary Regent Chronograph Watch - GB05450/65


  • Rotary Regent Chronograph Watch - GS05450/05


  • Rotary Regent Chronograph Watch - GS05450/65


  • Rotary Regent Automatic Gents Watch - GB05410/24


  • Rotary Regent Automatic Gents Watch - GS05410/02


  • Rotary Regent Automatic Gents Watch - GS05414/04


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