Customer Testimonials

We often receive stories about the reliability of Rotary watches and how delighted customers are by their durability; however, these latest tales amazed even us.

30 Years of Perfect Time

In 1979 I purchased a Rotary Aquaplunge. After 30 years this watch still keeps perfect time and has only had batteries replaced in that time. It travels with me everywhere and is used for diving and swimming. To this day, it has never missed a beat.

I thought that I should write to you to tell you how impressed I am with this product. When I purchased it all those years ago, I never entertained the thought that it would still be on my wrist after 30 years! Some of my friends have urged me to replace it for a more up to date model but why would I get rid of a perfectly good watch that has served me so well and now represents years of wonderful memories.

I see that you now do an “Aquaspeed” collection and I feel privileged to be in possession of a watch that could have been the inspiration for this!

Simon Bowden - Brisbane, Australia

Simon Bowden's 1979 Rotary Aquaplunge

Greek Tragedy

Whilst on honeymoon a couple boarded the ill fated Empress Samina, the Greek ferry which sank just off the coast of the Greek Island, Paros. Although Mr and Mrs Richards nearly drowned, they survived the tragedy that claimed 88 lives. Mr Richards wrote to us to tell us they had lost everything in the disaster except for one item, his Rotary watch. Despite being immersed in water for several hours and thrown repeatedly against rocks, his Rotary watch survived intact and still keeps excellent time to this day.

Mr & Mrs Richards - A Greek tragedy


While re-tarmacing his drive Mr Smith of the Isle of Man lost his Rotary watch. Having searched to no avail he feared it may have fallen into the drum of boiling bitumen, but carried on with the job hoping that perhaps the watch might turn up. Two hours later he came across a black sausage shaped object at the bottom of the drum - his Rotary watch! Hoping to at least salvage the metal bracelet he washed it down with a high pressure hose and left it while he completed the drive. Imagine his surprise when he picked the watch up at the end of the day to find it was not only still going but also had kept time and two years on it still works perfectly!

Mr Smith - Indestructible

Helping Hands

Rotary was keen to help an 85 year old pensioner who wrote that after a lifetime of service, his 60 year old Rotary watch now needed winding up several times a day. He is particularly attached to the watch, given to him by his wife who died in 1949 and he has never been without it since. Rotary was delighted to repair the watch free of charge and return it post haste.

Helping hands

Stuck In the Mud!

Approximately 15 years ago Clive Valentine bought his wife Angela a Rotary dress watch as a gift for her birthday. As well as being her treasured possession, the watch kept perfect time over the years, until the Christmas before last. Sadly, whilst cutting hedges in the field and piling debris onto the bonfire Angela looked down to her wrist and realised to her horror that her watch had disappeared. After a few hours of frantic searching she resigned herself to the fact that it was not to be found amidst the debris and three acres of field. However, the following April, whilst checking the land before turning the animals out to graze, Angela caught sight of her watch nestling in the grass. Despite having endured possibly the wettest winter on record, the watch still kept perfect time, and after a quick clean was good as new and worn for many more months until the battery finally gave up the ghost. Local jewellers could not believe Mrs Valentine's story when they changed the battery, as upon inspection inside the casing there was not the slightest evidence of damp! How's that for product quality?

Angela Valentine - Stuck in the mud

Sea Voyager

Mike Triplett received his Incabloc Movement Rotary Watch for his 21st birthday in 1963. A day that Mike will never forget that since he was then on a cargo ship on his way to Dunkirk. At the time he remembers worrying that he might just manage to drop the watch into the sea for it to never be seen again, thankfully that was never the case! Mike actually continued a career at sea until his retirement in 2004. His Rotary watch spent a considerable number of years on his wrist in various ships during his career. It was subjected to jarrings and jolts, extremes of temperature including dense humidity and plenty of soaking by sea water! Although he did give in to modern technology when he purchased a quartz watch in the late seventies, he feels that his Rotary watch is very much a part of his history since it was with him throughout some of the toughest and best experiences of his life. Even though it has been left in a drawer for the last few years, it still works as well as the day that it was bought!

Mike Triplett - Sea voyager