Rotary Watch Servicing

All movements in Rotary wristwatches purchased since January 2009 have a lifetime guarantee. The only condition to this warranty is that you return the watch to us for a professional service at least every 3 years or when our reminder reaches you. Although servicing will be chargeable it will contribute to your Rotary’s long life through cleaning, lubrication, replacement of any worn parts, regulations and full testing.

You may register your details and receive reminders when your watch is due for service. Register you and your watches' details now.

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Rotary Watches Service Advice

When returning your watch for service please pack it in a sturdy box (not the original presentation case) to ensure maximum protection. Send it registered mail with your guarantee or proof of purchase and reason for its return. Include your name, return address and daytime telephone number. Rotary turns all repairs around within 7 days (for standard guarantee work). Servicing includes a 24 hour period of bench testing. All chargeable work will be communicated via a free estimate, should this estimate not be approved then a return postage fee will apply.

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Tel (Service & Materials): 01702 337 061

Fax: 01702 348 857

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Technicians Profiles

Rotary watches are precision instruments and our team of watch makers service and repair them with expert care and dedication.

Carl Adams, Watch Technician

I've been working for Rotary for about 3 years and we have a really close, tight knit team and I enjoy the challenges that each day brings.

My favourite watch is the Rotary Gents White Case Watch, because it's automatic, has a skeleton dial and it's a great size; overall my favourite types of watch are ones that have lots of functions. I'm passionate about watches for lots of reasons, but mainly because they keep you on your toes, no matter how long you've been working on them!

Sandra Thompson, Watch Technician

I've been a Rotary technician for 28 years. The thing I most enjoy about my job is making a really old watch look new again; it's so satisfying. I least enjoy computer work, I much prefer working with my hands! The most difficult repair I ever had was a watch salvaged from the Herald of Free Enterprise, it took a lot of time to rescue but was definitely all worth it in the end. Time is of course very important to me and in my spare time I enjoy photography. Watch design is my passion and my favourite watch is the Rotary Revelation for its innovative style and classic features. For me, a timeless watch is one that is always in vogue.

Jamie Stevens, Watch Technician

I've been working at Rotary for 1 year. I gain a great sense of satisfaction from knowing that I've helped out a consumer or customer. My perfect watch is the classic style, round dial, simple, basically the kind of watch to last a lifetime. For me, a timeless watch is one that looks good regardless of how old it is. I'm passionate about watches because they are usually of sentimental value and are therefore important to people.

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